• About

    Multi-media artist Juliana Rodriguez was born in Argentina in 1984 and moved to the United States in 2014. Her childhood was heavily influenced by her fascination towards Barbie dolls, grunge music, photography and dressmaking, which continues to inspire her aesthetic today. She attended Institute of Cinematographic Art of Avellaneda and received her Bachelor's Degree of Cinema Director in 2007.

    Soon in 2009 after starting her first cinematographic projects she explored the technic of Chroma key leading to the beginning of the digital art project she continued until today called Revolver Dolls where she combined her cinematographic skills and Barbie dolls developing photographic series. Although at the beginning the main character from this series were Barbie dolls, Rodriguez continued exploring the image searching for a more picturesque view, distorting the photographic aesthetic to a more digital picture, painting digitally until the point of converting the dolls in 3D figures nowadays. Since 2020, Rodriguez started combining her conceptual ideas into 3D music videos, elevating the Revolver Dolls project to a new dimension of exploration. Universal themes such as death and immortality are still the main topics from this project. In the same year and motivated by the Between art and Quarantine initiative Juliana started a self-portrait series using herself as a main character, altering her own image through different costumes such Cindy Sherman but with a “Povera Art” approach looking with this minimalism of technicalities a more powerful and spontaneous result.

    “Capturing the life in the lifeless” is the main goal in her art. Once, when she was a child dreamt with given life to her dolls through art and today she dreams given life to the viewer standing in front of her work.

    Rodriguez has exhibited in multiple galleries in Argentina and the United States, until 2017 when she decided her more digital latest approach was getting lost and not properly displayed in person, then was when she went exhibiting exclusively on social media, mostly Instagram and Youtube.

    Rodriguez currently lives and works in Raleigh, North Carolina, United States with her husband and two sons.

    Irving Penn, Richard Avedon, Antonio Berni, Rene Magritte, Edward Hopper, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Cindy Sherman, Frida Kahlo, Joel Peter Witkin, Elliott Smith, Scott Weiland, Kurt Cobain and Morrissey are among her more principal influences.